A copyright is used to protect works of “artistry” or “authorship”. A copyright applies to works which are “fixed” in any tangible medium of expression such as books, songs, dolls and photographs. However, you can not copyright names, titles, slogans, and short phrases. Copyrights last for the life of the author plus 70 years.

  1. Examples of things that can be copyrighted include the following:
  2. Literary works, books, poetry, magazine articles, instruction manuals, etc.
  3. Computer programs and other software (including Web Pages like this one). This includes graphics and icons and the like, which may also be “graphic works”.
  4. Musical works including lyrics, if any.
  5. Dramatic works including stage plays, screenplays, and speeches.
  6. Pantomime and Choreographic works.
  7. Works of Art: Pictorial works including paintings, photographs, murals, and, graphic works such as maps, architectural plans, advertisements, posters, etchings, sculptures, etc.
  8. Motion pictures, TV shows, and other audiovisual works.
  9. Sound recordings including the recording itself and the music being performed.
  10. Architectural Works such as buildings and plans.